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There are many new tools and a different process to this new forum compared to the old one. Not everything is going to work automatically the first time....go ahead and experiment and test the new posting tools.

But be patient if something does not work right the first time....

For those of you with Facebook and Twitter accounts, there is a way to link the forum discussions to your accounts...and also a way to do automatic sign in from those accounts....but like you, I do not know exactly how to do that yet.

If you activate email notifications, you will get an email notification each time someone posts or replies to a topic...this will help keep the discussion going in real time.

So, take it easy and ONE Step at a time....get comfortable with a few simple tools first, then you can try out some of the more advanced features as time goes along.


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navigation help for new members :

log in each day ,,, only then will a "reply box" appear where you can post in ...

select "Latest Topics" to get started ,,, that will show the "boards" that have been posted on recently ...

click on one of the boards ,,, note that "current month Penny Stocks under $3.00" & "current month Nasdaq stocks over $3.00" are the two most used boards here ... (you can post none Nasdaq stocks too etc. in the Nasdaq board) ~ (Tip: ,,, Jan. boards have been replaced with Feb. boards ~ look for the "current month" board when you post)

scroll down and you will see a "reply box" below the last post ... you can post there ,,, just click your cursor in the box ~ and then a tool bar will appear across the top of the "reply box"

run your cursor across the tool bar ,,, you will find an "insert link" tool to link articles and charts ,,, and you will find an "Insert Photo" link to post a picture or a actual chart(not just a chart link)

to link a chart or an article you don't have to write an code any more (like had to do on the old forum) ... just use the "insert link" box instead ...

if you need help with ANYTHING ,,, just post on the most used boards & some one will answer your questions ... it took me a few days to figure out all the available options here ... asking for help can shorten that learning curve immensely ...

have a great time on the forum ... thanks for registering here ...
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