follow-through day Wednesday shifted the market outlook to confirmed uptrend. With the change in outlook came a host of IBD 50 breakouts or stocks finishing setups. Since the IBD 50 screens basic fundamental and technical metrics, it can give you a jump-start on building your watch lists.

A market rally is only as good as the individual stocks that drive it. If you start to see sell rules kick in, it can give you an early warning that a rally failure might be imminent. It's important to remember that not all follow-through days work. The recent failure of the Nov. 7 follow-through day is a stark reminder.

Starting with the strongest stocks that are breaking out around the follow-through day can allow you to participate early. But be choosy. Lists like the IBD 50 list of top-performing growth stocks help you narrow your search to the stocks that show similar characteristics to past winners. You might start with a few positions, maybe even half positions, as you continue building your watch list. If the rally continues, you'll have fresh IBD 50 breakouts to increase your exposure.

Focus On IBD 50 Breakouts And Sound Patterns Forming

One of the strongest breakouts on Wednesday's follow-through was PRA Health Sciences(PRAH). The stock cleared an early entry at 108.32 on trading volume well above average. Volume continued to swell as another 5% got tacked on over the next couple of days. That also put the stock into new-high territory and above a 112.98 regular entry.

At just under 500,000 shares in average volume, PRA Health Sciences is on the thinner side in absolute volume, but it's also a higher priced stock — at over 100 a share. That gives it plenty of liquidity in terms of dollars trading hands, more than $50 million on an average day.

If you missed the first IBD 50 breakouts with the stock market follow-through day, don't fret. If the rally holds, you can expect the best opportunities to show themselves in the first weeks after a follow-through. Since the stock market correction put in a couple of extra weeks, that allowed more bases to meet the minimum length of time: seven weeks for the cup with handle or double bottom and five weeks for the flat base.

Take Trade Desk (TTD) stock, now forming a cup base. Trade Desk stock vaulted above its 10-week moving average as it gained nearly 20% this past week. The depth of the cup was 35%, on the high end. Even with the huge gain, it's still 11% off its high. Still, Trade Desk stock has the highest IBD Composite Rating possible at 99 and its relative strength line is already near new highs, well before the price hits new highs.

Another compelling element of the Trade Desk stock? It hasn't been that long since its initial public offering (IPO) in September 2016.

Look For Follow-On Buys And Additional Buy Points

While bases and IBD 50 breakouts should be foremost on your mind, you should also look for follow-on buys or additional buy points. Stocks that held up when the last rally failed could be ones to watch.

Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) broke out from a cup base on Nov. 9. The earnings-fueled gap up saw a relative strength line at new highs as the stock jumped 17%. As the stock market correction continued, Ubiquiti Networks stock gave up little ground. Now it's held tight for four weeks as volume lightened up considerably. Think of it as investors taking a wait-and-see approach, not wanting to add more shares yet but having little interest in selling.